What started 8 years ago as a small event, when a couple of friends wanted to link a sportive challenge to charity, has become the biggest Dutch cycling & running event on the slopes of the “Bald Mountain’, the Mont Ventoux.

Participating in Klimmen tegen MS will guarantee an unforgettable event. We want to enable all particpants to focus on their own challenge and on the deliverance of their maximum achievement. That’s why we will ensure an optimal organized event. We will take care of all logistical aspects, from the maintenance of material till support and food supply during the event. Participating in Klimmen tegen MS will be an experience you will never forget. For that reason many participants are yearly returning, not wanting to miss an edition.

There is a limited number of registrations available, because the event should not become a massive happening. Key words are ‘personal’ and ‘together’. The participants are the ones that make together this event so very special.

On Sunday 10th of June 2018 we will battle together to reach the summit of the Mont Ventoux.

Have a look at the official promotion video of the event. Images tell more than a thousand words!