Core values

Maximum transparency is our starting point. Clear communication about the benefits raised and spending of these benefits, is essential to gain and maintain confidence. We will provide transparent financial information on a quarterly and annual basis. This financial information will make clear what the uses of funds are, organizational costs and expenses incurred by the organization.

We aim to minimize the costs related to our flagship events, our platform and back-office costs and cover these costs with participant’s registration fees and event sponsors. We will communicate transparently whether we are successful in realizing this ambition. If we are not successful in this ambition we will be obliged to fund this from the donations realized by Flagship participants and Your MoveS participants. But again, we will do our utmost to succeed in our ambition. Any excess funds will of course be used for selected projects.

If sponsorship in kind occurs, it will be capitalized as much as possible or they will directly benefit the event, examples are e.g. food and drinks, logistics services and or event materials.

Our goal is to get as much of the money raised by our participants to the selected projects. We work closely with existing MS organizations such as the Dutch ‘Nationaal MS Fonds’ and MS Research. Their Advisory Board and Scientific Council help us to nominate projects to which funds raised by MoveS will be allocated to. They will also do the final check on allocation of the funds. We will make upfront agreements with these organization on the administrative costs needed by these organizations to fulfill their part of the agreement (allocate the funds to projects).

Our cultural DNA is determined by our mission, ‘Together for an MS-free world’. This implies that decisions are made with our mission in mind.

To MoveS all contributions are equal, big or small. We strongly believe it is not the size that matters, but the movement itself.

Key to the success of MoveS is that everyone is able to join, people with or without MS. This implies that our Flagship events provide a challenge for everyone. The sponsoring commitment is to be determined per Flagship event. If a participant is not able to fulfill the commitment we will assist the participant in reaching the goal. Why? since our ambition is also to inspire MS-patients to keep moving.