MoveS organises on 10th June 2018 the 8th edition of Climbing against MS. A well organised event with maximum 1.000 participants who are climbing the Mont Ventoux (running, walking or cycling, with or without MS). Their mutual goal is to raise funds for scientific research in order to eliminate Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We would be grateful with the support of your company.

Your company could contribute by donating a financial gift, support a project or by organizing a sponsor action. There are many possibilities. Please decide what matches your company and let’s start a collaboration. Please contact our association at , we will be happy to assist you with your choice.

Corporate Social Reponsibility

Supporting Climbing against MS has a positive influence on your company. It brings your colleagues closer and showing social responsibility is good for your image. What possibilities do we offer?

  • Set up a company team and climb together the Mont Ventoux on 5th June 2017

Accept the challenge and climb together the ‘Bald Mountain’. An experience you and your colleagues never will forget! Sign in here or contact our association at .                                              

  • Start a company activity to raise money for MS

Another suggestion is to organize together with your colleagues an activity of which part of the revenues could be donated to Climbing against MS. Some ideas: an auction, a dinner, a sales action or a sponsor event. Please feel free to come up with your ideas.

On the ‘activity page’ of MoveS you can start your own activity. Share your page on social media and with your relations. You could ask your colleagues as well to share it with friends and family.

Start an activity

  • Make a donation

The association ‘Climbing against MS’ doesn’t receive government grants and therefore is fully dependent on gifts. Your support is crucial. Would you like to contribute with a one-time or regular donation? We are registered as an ANBI institution at the Internal Revenue Service, which makes it possible to submit a one-time or a regular gift in your tax return. Do you have questions about your gift? Please mail us at

  • Donate directly online                                                                          

Every contribution helps us: small, big, one-time or regular. Please donate online or transfer your donation via IBAN NL73 ABNA 0609 9861 71, in the name of ‘Stichting Klimmen tegen MS’, stating ‘Company donation’.

Donate now 


Climbing against MS can not be organized without the support of our sponsors. We would like to get in touch with everyone who is able to contribute to the success of Climbing against MS. There are no fixed sponsor packages, instead we would like to discuss individually the possibilities.

Please contact us for additional information or questions.


What are the advantages for your company?

The collaboration has positive effects on both your company and our association. Taking social responsibility expresses your company’s commitment to our society. This will find widely appreciation, which will strengthen your image and even could enlarge your market. It has a positive effect on your colleagues as well: they are proud to work for a company that has a focus on society as well. It will improve the internal communication and the team spirit will grow.

If you decide to support us, you can publish our logo and URL on your website.

Please mail us for more information:

Companies that preceded you

Climbing against MS collaborates already with the following partners.

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Would you like to know the possibilities for your company? Do you have a question about how to start an activity or any other question?

Please contact Cindy van Wijngaarden via