Wielerkleding 2014

wielerkleding 2014

An important part of the identity of Climbing against MS is the unity in clothing. This identity helps us immensely in the search for sponsors and supplies money in the fight against MS. That is the reason that the purchase of team clothing is obligatory for all participants as stated in the participant regulations.

Futurumshop will sell the clothing to the participants against cost price. For cyclists there is a shirt with Bib shorts (unisex), and optionally a wind jacket. Runners can choose the running shirt (women’s or men’s).

Order, payment and shipment of the clothing will be taken care of by Futurumshop. Orders can already be placed on the site of Futurumshop. Participants will receive a link to a special order site, this special site cannot be entered through the normal website. The names of the participants are known at Futurumshop and they will check these.

More information about the clothing, the costs and ordering will follow soon.