Medical Advice

The laboratory of a Sports Medical Advice Centre (SMA)Print offers various tests. To test the aerobic system, the load is step-by-step increased. Such a test goes beyond your anaerobic threshold until your maximum effort level is reached.

This is called the anaerobic threshold test. This test provides an accurate assessment of your FTP (Functional Threshold Power).

Anaerobic Threshold Test

For the anaerobic threshold test ergo spirometry or breath analysis is used for an accurate determination of the FTP. In addition to the heart activity (HR) and blood pressure, the composition of the exhaled air at each breath is measured, including the concentrations of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The software generates various graphs that show the energy consumption in the body. During this test various parameters are determined which provide information about your fitness. With this information specific individual limitations can be diagnosed. Also training schedules and training advice can be optimized.

Protocol Anaerobic Threshold Test

For this test it is important to choose the correct valuesmedischfor the starting resistance (Watt) and the increase of the wattage per step. In order to ensure that the body gets the opportunity to reach a new equilibrium in each step, the length of a step should be sufficiently long. A 3-minute step length is suitable. Longer lengths are allowed, but certainly not less. The starting wattage is determined on the basis of the body weight of the cyclist and is between 1.5 and 2 Watt/kg. Each step usually 20 to 30Watt per 3 minutes are added. Once the anaerobic threshold has been passed, the interval length is reduced from three minutes to one minute until the maximum power is reached.

This approval is of course valid for all other cyclo’s that take place in France.

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