Please find below an overview of the main organizers of ‘Climbing against MS’. Apart from this team we are lucky to have the support of many more people helping us with the preparations. Do you want to join us? Please sign up via our contact form.


Edwin van Wijngaarden

I was around 6 years old when my mother was diagnosed with10438907_688937164501568_114125250711864601_n MS and I admire her for the way she deals with her disease. Her struggle was my motivation to start with ‘Climbing against MS’. In 2011 I climbed in 1 day 3 times the Mont Ventoux and I am proud tob e number 3753 in the ‘Monsieur Pic’ register. This was probably my first and last time I reached this achievement, because my focus has since shifted to the participants. I am looking forward to the 2017 edition….


Cindy van Wijngaarden-Stuurman1148856_505297436206330_531266398_n

I am the wife of Edwin and together we have two sons: Kai and Lenny.
Although I have climbed the Mont Ventoux several times, my goal is still to climb it 3 times in 1 day. But my main goal is to make the event ‘Climbing against MS’ an unforgettable day for all participants, where everyone is reaching his or her personal goal.


Maarten Hek

Hi, I am Maarten Hek and married to Diane. We live in Ede.MaartenIn 2013 I participated for the first time in ‘Climbing against MS’, in memory of my sister Annemarie who died of the consequences of MS. I have climbed all 3 possibilities on the Mont Ventoux (my first mountain ever), what an experience! There is a saying that climbing is something you do on your own, but certainly not on Whit Monday on the Mont Ventoux! I am really happy to contribute to this wonderful event. My goal is to raise lots of money for research to end this grueling disease.


Mirjam Hofland

I am Mirjam, live in the province North-Holland and own the536919_420728851347055_2103935349_ncompany GirllswithBrains Smart Event Planning. I am a cyclist since not too long, but I am actively engaged in the cycling community since many years. Indirectly I came in contact with the organization of ‘Climbing against MS’. Since then I am a big fan of this wonderful event and I am proud to contribute to the organization. My goal is to facilitate the participants and their supporters on this day. As important is to raise as much money as possible to support the challenge to end MS.


Thomas SandersThoms Profile Pic

Because I am a MS patient, I am restricted in many ways. But my ambitions are still huge. So I try to reach my goals in different ways. For example by climbing the Mont Ventoux by handcycle, which I did in 2013 and 2014. I want to contribute again every new edition. If we combine our efforts we will make the difference and finally will get rid of MS.


Jamie Stuurman

My name is Jamie. I am a sister of Cindy and I live in Rotterdam.10347633_985529624811783_9181090691029200350_nI have experienced ‘Climbing against MS’ already from the start from the sidelines. I joined the organization in 2014, to replace a volunteer who had to cancel. I remember my first edition of ‘Climbing against MS’ as a day full of emotion and togetherness. One big family of participants, volunteers, sponsors and supporters, all moving together against MS. There was no way back! In daily life I am very active and spend around 6 hours a week doing Crossfit. Because I put a lot of energy in sport, I feel very quickly when I have a bad day. But that is only a temporary situation, due to a lack of sleep or a flu. I realized that some people have this ‘bad day’ experience continuously and sometimes don’t even master their own body. For this reason I am committed to the fight against MS. Together for a MS-free world!