Our goal is clear: we accept the challenge to fight MS in order to win. We are not doctors, so we will never find the solution for MS. But we do try to raise as much money as possible to support the fight against MS through research.

Organizing an event costs money as well. For some years now we can count on several loyal partners who support us in organizing this great event. They contribute by making financial donations and offering materials and other means. We are very happy and grateful for this.

Does your company want to contribute as well? There are many possibilities. Please contact our association via cindy@moves.ms

Become a sponsor now and help tot eliminate MS!



FuturumShop The biggest online sports shop inFuturumShop_logo_FC-01-ONLINE the Netherlands, with a focus on cycling and running, is our premium sponsor of Climbing against MS since 2012. The webshop has been awarded with two ‘Thuiswinkel Awards’ and became ‘Logistic Webshop of the year 2013’. Founder and owner Harmen van der Meulen joined in 2012 Climbing against MS and reached twice the summit of the Mont Ventoux: “Just like Climbing against MS we believe in the power of movement. I am proud to be a premium sponsor of this fantastic initiative!”



Sponsor since 2012. Teva Pharma Nederland is part of theTeva Europe international concern Teva Pharmaceutical Industries inc.

Teva Pharma Nederland is responsible for the marketing of the innovative products of Teva. Our mission: we focus on symptoms where the need for new medicines is high. Our goal is to improve the lives of patients, by offering doctors innovative medicines.

Core areas of interest of Teva Pharma Nederland are neurology and pulmonology. Teva also markets medicines for rheumatologic diseases.



Genzyme, one of the worlds leading biotech companies, image001

aim to influence positively the lives of people suffering from serious diseases. Since 1981 Genzyme has evolved from a small starting company to a diversified enterprise with around 10000 employees at locations all around the world. Genzyme forms part of the Sanofi Group.

Genzyme has long been known for its expertise in the class of rare genetic diseases known as lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs). We have also expanded – through both in-house development and strategic acquisitions and partnerships – to other disease areas such as thyroid cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Driven by our commitment to patients, we strive to develop strong relationships with patient communities and listen to their perspectives so that we can truly understand their needs. These collaborations guide us as we continue to push the boundaries of medicine and technology to develop new and better therapies where none existed before.

Genzyme’s dedication to patients extends beyond the development of products. We’ve initiated numerous free drug, payment assistance, and humanitarian programs to ensure that vital treatment reaches all those who need it.